Daniel Jaekyung Lee


While lifting weights I noticed an inherent similarity between working out and maintaining our personal and work relationships. Initially when I started to pursue weightlifting, I started gaining muscle quickly and got into the groove of my new hobby easily. Over time, I realized that I was not gaining in strength and that my "gains" were stagnant. While working to resolve this issue I realized that when I was completing certain exercises as the bench press, I would use the same muscle groups to complete a set and would shy away from activating other nearby muscle groups as it would cause me pain to do so.

What this resulted in was a familiarity and reliance on a certain form or pattern to complete my workouts. I neglected the weak areas of my body in order to complete my set without extolling unnecessary strength on what I thought was trivial. If it gets the job done, why bother with the hard work right?

Well this simply wasn't true when it comes to the human body.

When I started to do the same exercises with the long neglected areas of my body, it was difficult at first but I noticed small gains in lifting capacity. I was able to lift more, harder and better. The pain of my workouts melting away in the overall balancing of my body and its core. 

Is there a similarity between how we treat our own personal relationships and the process I underwent with weightlifting? I like to think that there is. Perhaps we neglect to increase the quality and levels of our interpersonal relationships. Maybe it's hard to approach that one lingering aspect of your relationship with someone and both of you have been putting it off since the early days of a relationship. Maybe we're just neglecting treating our body right physically.

Whatever it is, I hope that you can find the time to work on it and power through to the next plateau.